APOS InfoScheduler for SAP BusinessObjects XI

APOS InfoScheduler for SAP BusinessObjects XI 12.1

It allows you to create batches of reports and schedule them all at once

Now you can create batches of reports, easily change a few selection values, and schedule them all at once.
InfoScheduler is an Excel-based report-scheduling tool that allows scheduling of report instances from an Excel spreadsheet. InfoScheduler runs as an add-in within Microsoft Excel. All versions of Excel are supported, including Office 2007.

For example, a power user may have a list of 10 reports that are commonly run together for one customer / supplier / dept / etc. Change one column in the Excel file, press ‘Schedule’ and InfoScheduler creates a scheduled report instance for each spreadsheet row. Keep as many Excel files as you wish, each possibly representing different ‘batches’ of reports. Using Excel’s powerful copy/paste capabilities, maintaining and scheduling report batches is a snap!

Supported functionality includes Start Run Time/Date, Stop Run Time/Date, Server/Database Login, 'run by' user id, recurring daily / weekly / monthly / etc., selection parameter values/ranges, etc.

InfoScheduler is recognized as the leading batch scheduling tool in the business, with your batch schedules developed and maintained from within Microsoft Excel. Combine this with the ability to load externally generated csv files, consider evaluating InfoScheduler for those repetitive batch scheduling needs.

InfoScheduler supports SAP BusinessObjects XI, SAP BusinessObjects EDGE and Crystal Reports Server!

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